At Designer Parfums we believe in attracting the highest calibre of talent to implement our vision. Our employees bring with them creativity, leadership, innovation and commitment to all aspects of the business. Exposure to senior management of the company ensures that everyone has a voice and opportunities for growth and personal development are encouraged and monitored. The structure of the company allows for decisions and progress to be both democratic and fast paced, allowing talented people to thrive and take responsibility for the growth and success of the business.

We nurture strong team building and reward passion and personality. Our training is a key aspect of helping staff share in our culture and areas of expertise. We recruit across marketing, retail, production, legal, HR, sales and distribution, information systems and technology, finance and digital as well as the vital roles of logistics and warehouse management.

Each category is headed up by individuals that embody the values and shared vision of the organisation – A true multicultural, international workforce that operates on a worldwide basis sees diversity and a proliferation of skills and experience come to the fore. New international markets drive us to improve our knowledge and understanding. Working with new customers in new environments brings our brands into fresh focus and sees vital interaction for performance and growth.

We pride ourselves on our dynamic working environment where people come to work and stay immersed on a rewarding career path with opportunities to take responsibility, gain and share knowledge and above all take initiative.