Ariana Grande


Actress and internationally acclaimed recording artist Ariana Grande announces her signature scent, ARI by Ariana Grande.

I love fragrance, it is something I have been obsessed with all my life. As a fragrance debut of my very own, I really wanted it to be personal, that’s why I named it ARI,” says Grande. “I love everything about it. It is so fun and true to me. The scent is sweet, yet sexy, with some surprises underneath.

ARI by Ariana Grande is a genuine and intimate statement by Ariana through scent, embodying her unique character and style. Hints of unexpected playfulness appear throughout the fragrance story, reminding fans to embrace their flaws and celebrate their differences. Personally crafted by the star, each element is authentically Ariana, captivating her flirty fashion sense, bubbly personality and energetic stage presence. With the launch of ARI by Ariana Grande, the starlet shares her individuality with her fans in a new way.

The luscious and sexy fragrance opens with sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine floralcy, passionately spun with musk’s, woods, and an addictive hint of marshmallow.

The bottle shaped like a pick crystal with a giant pom-pom attached is complemented by the carton with its classic colours and finishes.
Trimmed with a gold art deco pattern, the lavender carton features timeless black and white portraits of Ariana – one image reveals Ariana’s beautiful glam style, while the other visual captures her fun and flirty confidence.

ARI by Ariana Grande is available nationwide in 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml EDP.