DDF Skincare

About the Brand

“Care for your skin like a Dermatologist would” Dr. Howard Sobel, DDF founding dermatologist.

DDF combines cutting edge innovations and ingredients to specifically address and help resolve targeted skin concerns for today’s consumers.

Founded in 1991, by renowned New York Dermatologist, Dr. Sobel, Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula was created to enable his patients to care for their skin in the comfort of their own home.

“Skin is as individual as a fingerprint. To really get the best out of your skin, you need a more personal approach.” says Dr. Sobel

“Skin is as individual as a fingerprint.  To really get the best out of your skin, you need a more personal approach.” says Dr. Sobel.

“At DDF, Dermatology is at the heart of everything we do.  We are experts in skin, but we also understand that our patients know their own skin.  We believe that in order for us to help people get the best results possible, we need to understand them, their unique skin and their specific needs.”

Dr. Sobel was instrumental in changing the way we think of our skin care regimes by initiating protocols designed for specific concerns: Anti-aging Restorative, Anti-aging Preventative, Sensitive, Acne and Hyperpigmentation, thereby empowering you to think about and treat your skin the way a doctor would. He truly wanted to bring to the consumer a product that “did what it promised”.

Some of the brands best sellers include the Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimiser Moisturising Serum, Advanced Firming Cream and the Clarifying Hydrator Moisturiser.

DDF’s skincare mantra – cleanse, treat, moisturize, protect -  was a new and efficient way to treat the five main skin concerns, making it easy and effective for the consumer.

Today, DDF remains a trusted brand with a passionate and growing following. Currently the brand is distributed in Mexico, Turkey and can be purchased from US Beauty Retailer ULTA, spa’s and salons, multiple online retailers and through the brands website: ddfskincare.com

Working alongside Dr. Sobel, Designer Parfums has ambitious plans to introduce the brand in Europe and bring DDF’s skincare approach to millions.


Visit our brand website - www.ddfskincare.com