Ghost Fragrances

About the Brand

A great British success story and a name that resonates with fragrance lovers, GHOST was created as a fashion label in 1985 by Tanya Sarne, an aspiring designer who not only understood how women’s role in society was changing and also the changing demands in how women wanted to dress.

Her creations allowed women of all ages, shapes and sizes to feel feminine and elegant at a time when power dressing and shoulder pads were de rigueur.  GHOST’s floating, fluid pastel coloured fabrics were an international hit and sold in the world’s most fashionable stores.

Following the success of the fashion label, the first fragrance, GHOST The Fragrance was launched in 2000 and remains one of the UK’s top selling fragrances

In 2000 the first signature fragrance was born; GHOST The Fragrance.  This subtle yet gloriously feminine fragrance has become a modern day classic and is still one the UK’s bestselling scents.

Since the introduction of GHOST The Fragrance the reputation and iconic nature of the GHOST brand has been consolidated by a portfolio of successful fragrance launches.   Scents such as GHOST Deep Night, GHOST Sweetheart, GHOST Whisper and GHOST Moonlight hold true to the original identity.  These fragrances adhere to the brand’s philosophy of total femininity.

More recently, GHOST fragrances went on a journey of of self-discovery and unveil their edgy side resenting a brand new feminist floral called GHOST girl, which is complimented by a brand new look and feel. The scent, like the campaign is bursting with attitude for the strong, daring and fun-loving girl of today.

GHOST transcends fashions and trends.   It allows lovers to dream and escape from the reality of daily life.   It is the perfect brand for those who crave sensual, modern classics that complement their independence and enhance their desire for an iconic fragrance.


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