Worth Paris

About the Brand

The House of Worth takes its name from the company founder, Englishman, Charles Frederick Worth (1825-1895) who established his Parisian haute couture house in 1857.

More than any other designer, Worth was instrumental in establishing the foundations of today’s modern global fashion industries.  His influence was so profound that he was often been described as the “Father of Haute Couture” and the period of France’s Second Empire (1808-73) in which his business flourished as “The Age of Worth”.

It is rare to find a history of twentieth-century fashion that does not take Charles Frederick Worth as its starting point

Histories are often written in terms of “firsts” and Worth was responsible for a great many of these.  He was the first designer to present seasonal collections; to create international fashion trends and provide clients with a complete head to toe wardrobe for all occasions.  He was also the first designer to sew his own name label into a garment.  In 1999, Dilesh Mehta acquired this prestigious fashion house and has since then lovingly nurtured this prestigious house and preserved its unique reputation and heritage for the 21st century.

Worth was one of the first fashion houses to create and market its own perfume.  In 1920 “Dans La Nuit” was launched and in 1924 the Worth name was trademarked as a creator of fine perfumes.  So as to present their clientele with the ultimate in luxury , the famous Parisian glass maker, Rene Lalique to design the flacons.

Following on from the success of “Dans La Nuit”, the House of Worth expanded their perfume portfolio to include Ver le Jour (1925), Sans Adieu (1929), Je Reviens (1932) and Vers Toi (1934).  Read together these names convey a seductive, fragrant poem……In the Night,   Just before Dawn, Without Goodbyes,  I Shall Return…To You….

Dilesh Mehta states that  “Bringing back a brand that has such a rich heritage and prestige is a huge task and extremely exciting one.  At Designer Parfums, we feel incredibly honoured and proud to be the custodians of the House of Worth.”


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