Naomi Campbell

Scouted at the age of fifteen, Naomi Campbell established herself among the top three most recognizable and in-demand models of the late 1980s and the 1990s. She was one of the six models of her generation declared supermodels by the cognoscenti of the fashion world and today continues to be recognised for her charity work around the World. In 1999, Naomi Campbell made her début on the fragrance business launching her first signature fragrance, Naomi Campbell. In March 2007, Naomi was acknowledged with the prestigious Fifi Award in Berlin for her achievements in the creation and promotion of her eponymous collection.More recently Naomi executive produced and appeared as a supermodel coach in the acclaimed series “The Face”, in the USA and the UK. Naomi Campbell is a legend in the world of fashion and beauty and her reputation spans the globe. As befits one of the true and original “supermodels”, Naomi Campbell fragrances express in their variety the multi-faceted personality of this fascinating beauty and reflect and draw inspiration from Naomi’s sensuality, elegance and appeal.

Today her signature scent remains her bestseller and the Naomi Campbell Fragrance portfolio counts thirteen perfumes in the collection

After the successful launch of Prêt-à-Porter in 2016, Naomi Campbell presents her a new addition to the portfolio, Prêt-à-Porter Silk Collection.  
This new fragrance is a sensual floral with a crisp citrus opening. Luxurious, glamorous and elegant, wrapping the body in a soft silk veil of flowers.
The new Naomi Campbell Prêt-à-Porter ‘Silk Collection’ is a rich luxurious addition to the glamorous world of Prêt-à-Porter, one step closer to Naomi’s fabulous world.

Naomi Campbell Fragrances is now in partnership with Designer Parfums to manufacture and distribute the brand globally under license. Naomi Campbell says, “I have always been really involved in the creation of my fragrances and I am looking forward to working with the new team at Designer Parfums. We have some great plans for the future and I am also really pleased that my fragrances will be more widely available across the world”. Visit our brand website -