Parfums Scherrer Paris

About the Brand

Born in the 1930s, couturier, Jean-Louis Scherrer trained as a ballet dancer in his early years.  It was this training that introduced him to costume design and the theatrical styles that so inspired his love of fashion.   He understood what women wanted to wear and his collections were ideal for the public roles of strong women working in politics, theatre and the arts.   His brilliant talent gained him a position at Dior where he worked alongside his friend, Yves Saint Laurent but it was in the mid 60s and a time of change and revolution in style that Jean-Louis Scherrer established his own successful couture house.

Jean Louis Scherrer’s first signature fragrance remains a great classic of French perfumery

Jean Louis Scherrer became known for his classic, restrained but very sexy, sophisticated tailoring.   His famous SCHERRER blazer with its decorated breast pockets and tailored shoulders became an instant classic.  He set up a Pret a Porter line in the 70s which saw his empire expand and he soon developed his first signature fragrance, JEAN LOUIS-SCHERRER which epitomised his refined version of luxury.  It was the eternal feminine fragrance and became “the Couture Perfume” par excellence.

Fuelled by the success of his eponymous scent the launch of SCHERRER 2  was quite simply a perfect sequel.   Created in 1986 it reflects the sophistication and feminine characteristics of the original whilst carving out a niche in its own right as a truly great scent.  Sumptuous, seductive and voluptuous it has over time developed a cult status amongst the fragrance cognoscenti.


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