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Research on worldwide fragrance trends, pricing & brand positioning

As designers and creators, we focus our research and development on memorable and captivating scents that resonate with lovers of beautiful, evocative fine fragrances.  Our in-house team of experts meticulously blend art and science to produce some of the most coveted scents in the world.  Their knowledge gained from consumer insights and unrivalled feedback from our global distribution gives us the edge in the fragrance marketplace. We interpret trends, market data and consumer research to explore new fragrance options that connect with a broad range of consumers.

We interpret trends, market data and consumer research to explore new fragrance options that connect with a broad range of consumers

From cutting edge niche fragrances to industry- leading classics, our best-selling scents are testimony to the meticulous work carried out to perfect the demanding process of transforming natural ingredients and ground breaking synthetic s into fragrances of incomparable purity and quality.

Be it fashion, art, film or great literature that form the inspiration and foundation for  a modern classic, our entrepreneurial culture allows us to express  creative freedom and commercial know how in a unique way.

At Designer Parfums we understand our customer’s goals and supply them with superior fragrances that deliver.

Ingredient sourcing, blending, aging & testing to ensure continuous quality

Our in-house team source the best quality fragrances and ingredients for the full range of fragrance products.  We design bottles, caps, outer packaging, names and logos.  We have established a proven track record of fragrance creation and production with access to the latest technology enabling us to capture the essence and character of natural products and ensure compatibility of scents with various bases. 

Our goal is to produce and manufacture desirable and imaginative scents that people want to wear all around the world

Our goal is to produce and manufacture desirable and imaginative scents that people want to wear all around the world. Our successful track record has been achieved by a robust combination of knowing what our consumers want and the experience of our technical and creative departments to deliver a winning portfolio of products and fragrances.

Stability, consistency and safety are paramount.  Our technical staff has many decades of experience in analytical and Quality Control procedures. Beauty and science are inextricably linked and the fragrance and cosmetic landscape is constantly evolving with innovation, regulation and trends reflecting the wide ranging desire for new products with credibility and diversity.

Today, sustainability and environmental awareness is of paramount importance to Designer Parfums. We constantly monitor our raw materials and packaging to meet the guidelines laid down by the monitoring bodies and our own exacting standards.  We adhere to ethical codes of practice, fair trade and international law to guarantee working practices which consolidate our commitment to corporate and social responsibility and business growth.

Tailored marketing & event support across our entire distribution network

Our dedicated in-house marketing team researches trends, creates new business plans and proposals for new products and develop all the key elements required for implementation at store level such as advertising, design and creation, point of sale material, on-counter and visual displays, sites in store, sampling, training packs and information for local sales teams. No aspect of a campaign is over looked and all retail collateral is provided and created internally.

No aspect of a campaign is over looked and all retail collateral is provided and created internally

Straightforward product shots or highly stylised imagery plus new product development and promotional ideas and gifts with purchase form part of the mix.

It is vital to nurture relationships with suppliers, brand owners and retailers to maintain the highest standards on a global scale.  Our in-house PR team create press kits to tell the story to the media and manage launches and events across the retail calendar and ensure our brands are front of mind with the influential beauty media, bloggers and opinion formers.  

Product placement is vital and an in-depth knowledge of target media and the choices and tastes of the consumer give Designer Parfums high visibility across multiple media platforms both traditional print and online and digital.

Strategic PR campaigns managed with our national & international partners

At Designer Parfums we utilise all the key marketing disciplines.  We value high quality PR and understand the power of communications in an increasingly complex medium. Our internal Press Office oversees a network of national and international agencies that generate extensive media coverage and exposure for all our brands. 

Our network of national and international agencies generate extensive media coverage and exposure for all our brands

Our in-depth knowledge of regional, local, national and international media requirements enables us to prepare bespoke strategies that cut through international boundaries and helps position Designer Parfums as a powerful, emerging force in the luxury fragrance market.

Experts in a wide variety of PR techniques such as marketing, press relations, launch events and media briefings, our internal press team provide consistent support and content creation for all major events in the Marketing Calendar.

We work closely with publishers, editors, historians, stylists and photographers to generate news articles, features and innovative on-line blogs and promotional activity.   Designer Parfums is proud to possess an unrivalled archive of historic images and information that forms the basis of a unique series of messages and stories.  Brands such as Worth revel in a rich past with social significance and cultural landmarks.

Working alongside a whole host of global celebrities from the worlds of sport, cinema, theatre and literature, we are constantly expanding our PR network in social and digital platforms.

Access to large retail chains & Independent outlets across the UK

Working with the major department stores, high street chains and independent retailers, our UK sales team mange every aspect of the sales cycle and ensure each retailer receive the highest standards of attention and service.  We do not operate a one size fits all policy as distribution depends on each individual brand and its potential and position in the market. Our current UK distribution network extends to over 3,000 premium doors. 

Our current UK distribution network extends to over 3,000 premium doors

Distribution is efficient, fast and reliable.  Communication with our customers is key and our outstanding network of contacts in the domestic market gives us an edge.  Designer Parfums manages its own retail presence across multiple, major retailers with plans for further growth and expansion over the next 5 years.

Our in-house training academy prepares and educates the fragrance consultants employed by our retail partners and we ensure that all aspects of our bands unique selling points become ingrained in their development and sales techniques.

In the UK markets we employ the expertise of several Area Managers to carefully select the most appropriate distributor for each brand.  All activity in each territory is managed from our UK head office by our International Sales and Marketing team.

Extending our sales network to thousands of premium doors globally

Our International sales and distribution network sees us supply to the leading names in global retailing, lifestyle and luxury. We operate in over 60 key markets worldwide including the UK and Europe, the Middle East and Far East, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

We operate in over 60 key markets worldwide including Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Australia and New Zealand

We have affiliated dedicated offices in France and Germany which service their home markets directly as well as working closely with our sister companies in both North and South America with long standing expertise for these specialised market sectors.

The foundation of our business is our knowledge and commitment to growth in new territories and emerging markets.  We are constantly liaising with new potential partners that will strengthen our sales and distribution channels on an international scale.  The information gleaned by our worldwide teams makes it possible for Designer Parfums to fully understand and respond to the needs and habits of consumers and business partners anywhere in the world and to adapt and manage local distribution conditions.

All our International markets are handled by our experienced teams of Export Managers who select and control distribution for each brand.  All channels of communication are responsive and micro managed to reduce time spent on decision making and ensure access to the market and fast solutions.

At Designer Parfums we forge long-term partnerships and joint ventures which promote trust, reliability and success.  It is our goal to provide the finest products to men and women around the world. 

Integrating social media & digital marketing to deliver results

As an innovative business, we are driving the growing trend in the fragrance market by tapping into social media and digital technology. Using a variety of online tools to market our range of services and products, our aim is to tap into 1.2 billion people (and growing) that regularly use such tools. By using digital media and word of mouth, we are collating databases and olfactory knowledge that will help us combine print, digital, advertising and PR as part of an integrated marketing platform.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry help us combine print, digital, advertising and PR as part of an integrated marketing platform

Of this number, over 96% between the ages of 15 and 24 are members of some type of social network – this is where we see the future. 

We are at the cutting edge where the key is to unlock the potential of mobile or tablet information. Like the past few years, the next few years will also see advances in innovation and technology. It is through this innovation and technology that we aim to excite and engage our consumers. We can do this by constantly looking to find new ways to communicate with them through storytelling, high quality products, interactive retail space and innovative technology.

Online beauty is growing fast and the digital format is moving the beauty industry into new territory. We understand that the key is to interact and build relationships with our partners and customers in the future. Our customers love education and we want to talk with them about our fragrances with passion and authority both online and in-store.