ABU DHABI, Friday 29th November 2019
Inspired by Advanced Technology – Powered by Haute Parfumerie, F1® launches their exciting new fragrance brand using 3D printed art Designer Parfums and F1® have chosen the stunning backdrop of the last race of the decade, the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX 2019, to introduce the new fragrance brand, - inspired by the excitement, passion, technology and dynamism of Formula 1®.
Driven by excellence, exacting precision and advanced technology, legendary to Formula 1®, they have started out on a unique journey to tell the evocative story of Formula 1® through fragrance.​​​​​​​
The advanced engineering of Formula 1®, organic lines and principles of form, provide a richness of references for visionary designer Ross Lovegrove who designed the three 3D-printed works of art to mark the launch of the collection. 3D printing was considered to be the obvious and only route to emulate and embody the spirit of F1.
Fans should be prepared to expect the unexpected as they get to experience the bespoke fragrances for the first time and witness what’s to come from the truly unique collection in 2020.
Ross’s designs include:

Based upon principles of form created from flow, the lines embrace the inner core that contains the heart of the design. Acting as a sensual protection similar to how the car's structure surrounds and protects the driver with anatomic precision.​​​​​​​

Derived from the evolving organic lines of the car's aerodynamic design, this conception is proof that the physics of natural forces in unison with advanced materials can produce a new form of technological bio aesthetic for the 21st Century.

A space frame as an exoskeleton with layers that suspend the inner flask inside a 3D-printed geometry that is strong, and references the engineering of advanced innovative structures.

Suspended in these first-ever limited edition 3D prints we discover the beating heart of the project – a collection of five exquisite fragrances from the world of Haute Parfumerie. In creating the F1 Haute Perfumery collection, Designer Parfums has worked with the most advanced perfume houses in the world to create an audacious collection of fragrances that are as well-crafted and carefully engineered as an F1 car. Master Perfumers have taken their inspiration from the exciting, energetic and dynamic world of F1 - fusing next-generation raw materials with timeless fragrance structures to create a range of scents that are as thrilling as the race itself.

I – Bracing bergamot and lemon crystallise with freshness against a verdant backdrop of nashi leaves with the silvery, metallic quality of pink pepper and elemi. A breezy wave of mineral ambroxan races through the composition, creating a weightless body emboldened by the innovative, daring character of akigalawood. A modern take on classic woods, given a metallic twist.

II – A seamless cohesion of refreshing citrus and the vibrancy of pink pepper represents the symbiotic relationship between the car and the track, racing towards a contradictory salty accord and deep, black patchouli and leather, a novel twist on leather, with inimitable accords of burning rubber and rain on salty asphalt.

III – An aerodynamic composition that races with a fiery blend of Madagascan cinnamon and Calabrian bergamot - two intense materials working in tandem to power a warm and energetic contrast of metal pepper and tonka bean. A unique salty accord brings an innovative, dynamic element that makes a classic style entirely new. An elegant modernisation of amber, made intense through spices and dark woods.

IV – A cavalier and confident fragrance that boasts a daring cocktail of spice, where the heat of black pepper melds with the coolness of juniper, creating a courageous sense of contrast. In the heart, the intoxicating depth of narcissus is tempered by the soft, mineral quality of orris, seamlessly transitioning to a rich, masculine base featuring a fusion of sleek leather and golden Tonkalactone. An audacious re-interpretation of Fougère.

V - A thrilling aromatic built around a champagne accord that represents the prismatic spray of bubbles gleaming from the top spot on the podium. The sparkling, effervescent opening of citrus notes are energised by the electric zing of timut pepper, leading to luminous and fresh geranium, lightened by the elegance of violet leaf and contrasted by the rich, woody facets of sandalwood and ambrocenide. The thrill of celebration captured within a vibrant and energetic aromatic.

Priced up to $10,000, these limited edition works of art, with the collection of five interchangeable fragrances will be available only at the FORMULA 1 ETIHAD AIRWAYS ABU DHABI GRAND PRIX 2019 from 29th November - 1st December 2019 and then limited to 100 pieces that will be released over the course of 2020.

From April 2020, these fragrances will start reaching retailers globally. This time designer Ross Lovegrove utilises the latest digital light synthesis 3D printing technology, creating an intricate and stunning technopolymeric resin-based exoskeleton to house the fragrance bottle.
$250 RRP available at select retail.

About Designer Parfums

Designer Parfums has a strong assortment of prestige and mass fragrances and beauty products in its portfolio, in fashion, lifestyle and celebrity. Whether creating a brand from the very beginning or acquiring the license of an existing brand, the combination of innovative marketing solutions, the speed to market, the flexibility to tackle challenges and embrace partners, have been the foundation for their global success.
Their current portfolio is distributed in over 60 countries and covers a spectrum of classics with true heritage alongside designer and celebrity fragrance brands including, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Ariana Grande, Ghost, Aigner Parfums, Porsche Design, Scherrer, Cerutti 1881 and Playboy.

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